TUMBLE FUN - 2 to 4 yrs

Our Toddler Gym classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s toddler years. Classes involve stretching, song and games, and various gymnastic equipment where children can learn how to throw, catch, run, jump, balance, climb, tumble and more. Toddler Gym is an exciting was to build confidence and self esteem through movement. Carers accompanying their own child are responsible for their supervision, along with our experienced coaches who will help you and your child discover and develop their individual skills and abilities.

MUMMY & ME DANCE - 18mths to 3 yrs

Our Mummy & Me Dance classes offer younger children aged between 18mths and 3 yrs the opportunity to learn to dance with their parent or carer sharing their experience. Children are encouraged to participate, working closely with their carer, giving them a sense of security and confidence. Classes are friendly and fun, and are aimed at developing music appreciation, listening skills, memory, balance, coordination and confidence through both structured and creative play dance movement and song.


Our unique Kindy Dance program teaches the basic and very important first steps of dance, as well as co-ordination, balance and movement, rhythm and music appreciation. Our emphasis during these classes is FUN and lots of it! Hi 5, The Wiggles, ribbons, bean bags, balls, pom poms, balloons and scarves are used to aid in this fun learning opportunity.


Our Rising Starz have progressed from Kindy Dance and are ready for a higher level class. Basic Funky Jazz and Cheerleading skills are learned in this class as well as beginner level tumbling such as bridges, forward rolls, handstands and cartwheels.


Our class covers a range of dance styles. As well as having a technical focus, emphasis is also placed on fitness, flexibility and performance skills. Our Modern & Contemporary classes start with a warm-up and stretching, kicks, jumps and progressions down the room and then move on to learning a routine. These classes are funky and energetic, and you will have loads of fun learning dance routines to the latest music.


Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting and dancing. Love musicals? Then you will love our musical theatre classes!


Hip Hop includes a mix of urban street funk and features a mix of fluid and sharp movements in exciting and energetic routines, similar to what you see in movies such as Step Up. Fresh moves, pumping up the music, learning how to groove, coordination skills, and having loads of fun is what these classes are all about! Come and join our Hip Hop class and be a part of one of the fastest growing and most popular dance styles of today.


Aerial Silks is a form of acrobatics which you do while hanging from drapes of fabric. Dance 2XS is very excited to introduce Louise Kiiver (also known as Lulu La Bent) to our Dance 2XS teaching team in 2017. Louise is Cairns leading Aerial performer and teacher, with many years of experience "dancing in the air". Aerial Silks is one of the newest and most challenging, yet most awe inspiring aerial art forms. Great for strength, flexibility, building confidence and feeling exhilirated doing aerial tricks!


Cheerleading classes teach all the fundamentals of cheerleading such as Stunts & Pyramids, Tumbling, Cheer Routines, Chants, Dance and Pom. Our classes cater for both beginner and experienced students, and are loads of fun! Cheerleading with Dance 2XS develops teamwork skills in a friendly environment with coaches that really care. We are the proud trainers of the Cairns Taipans Mini Squad. For all aspiring cheerleaders, our classes will teach you everything you need to know to be a cheerleader!


These gymnastics classes focus specifically on Tumbling, Floor Work and Acrobatics. All work is done on mats in our fully equipped tumbling studio. We also have an air floor to assist in safely learning tricks. Acrobatics is great for cheerleaders or dancers and helps to improve flexibility, balance, posture, strength and acrobatic ability. Due to the nature of acrobatics, our teachers will work with students to address their individual abilities. Each student will work at their own pace in a safe and supportive environment.


Our Boys Only Tumbling class is open to students aged 6-10 years who would love to learn to tumble. And who better to teach this class than our amazing Sammy Stead! If you've been to a Taipans game you've seen him flip the length of the basketball court! He is an incredibly talented gymnast and is very excited to lead our very first boys only class.


Tap classes allow dancers to make music with their feet! Our tap classes focus on developing coordination, rhythmic dexterity and musicality in our young students, in a fun and upbeat environment.


These classes are by invitation only, and are an exciting opportunity for our most advanced cheerleading students to further their cheerleading skills and have fun gaining performance experience.


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